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Nov 19TH   2017


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Welcome to Mark's Pool's!

The website is for recreational purposes only. Predicting games, fake gambling, squares pools and more.

All for bragging rights and the ultimate goal of winning the Brass Rail Bowl!


Latest News: 



-Week 11 updated


THU Nov 16:

-Week 10 updated, week 11 lines posted

-So everyone knows, Lou abandoned his pool so I have taken it over. Yes, I went 4-0. It’s amazing how good we can pick when it ain’t our money! No Fear!

-Reminder: Next week is thanksgiving and some picks will be due by Wednesday. Spreads will b online on Tuesday

-Good Luck!


SUN Nov 12:

-Week 10 is updated


THU Nov 9:

-Week 9 updated, week 10 lines posted

-CONGRATS to Rico for winning the Suicide Pool!

-Almost everyone had a good week

-Thanksgiving Week:

Players have options for betting on Thanksgiving week for the Points Pool: Betting games on Thanksgiving is “Optional”. It’s a “free week” for betting and will NOT count towards your 4 required picks. The Sunday games of Thanx week will count as a full week and you will have to bet 4 games like normal.

-Pick-all will be normal and all 10 Players will pick all games Thankx week.

-I’ll re-post this info next week


Wed Nov 1:

-Week 8 updated, week 9 lines posted

-BAL/TEN game has no firm spread so you cant pick in the points pool. You’ll still bet it in the Pick-all

-Good Luck!



-Wow, this has been insane! Lowest points ever and the lowest win pct ever!

-6 teams on a bye this week so limited games

-Week 7 updated and week 8 is online



THUR Oct 19:

-Week 6 results updated

-Week 7 lines are posted

-No spread for Bills game so you can’t bet points on that game (you still have to pick the game IN THE PICK-ALL POOL)



Sun 11/15: picks are updated



Update: Wed OCT 11


-Week 5 results are updated.

-Week 6 lines are updated.

-2 games:  IND/TEN & OAK/LA have no point spreads right now. You cannot bet points on these 2 games but you must pick them if you are in the Pick-all Pool

-Good Luck!


Update: WED OCT 4


Week 4 RESULTS are updated

Week 5 LINES are updated


That crazy Trap game, Jax, did a number on the pool. A couple points pools took a dive and 5 more out of Suicide pool.


Points Pool Rule: If you have less than 2,000 points, you must bet it all on 1 game. If you have exactly 2,000, you can bet it all on 1 game or 4 500/point bets.


Bye weeks start this week.


Picks are due by Friday night. Good Luck!



Update: Sun OCT 1

Week 4 picks are updated


-Week 3 was as shitty as a week can get! Lots of upsets and craziness.


- 6 people kicked out of Suicide and we came within seconds of having ALL 21 players lose!


-Week 3 results are updated


-Week 4 lines are updated


-This is the last week to “Buy back in”.

James, Scott W Bob X and Sammy are eligible for having less than 10,000 points. Players can buy back for $75 and will get a new pool with 10,000 points. They keep their other pools as well. Let me know by Friday to get back in.


-Good Luck!



Update: SAT Sept 23rd


-Week 3 picks are updated

-Reminder: This is the last week to “buy back in”. If you have 10,000 or less points, you can buy another pool for $75 and 10,000 points. Picks will start with Week 4

-Players bet points on 24 of 28 teams this week so someone’s gonna win and someone’s gonna lose!

-Good Luck!




Update: WED Sept 20th


-Reminder: Thanks to the Players who send in their picks by Friday evening. I’m still getting some picks on Saturdays and even Sunday. To be fair to everyone, please have your picks in by Friday night. Starting this week, if the picks are not in, I will have to give a -500 point penalty if not in by Friday and -1000 if not in by Sunday. I don’t want to so just get the picks in!


-Too many people drank the Cleveland Kool-Aid and lost some points. Otherwise, a good week for a lot of players!


-Week 2 results are updated


-Week 3 Lines and updated – Due to injuries, there is no point spread for the TB-MIN game. You can’t bet points on this game but you must pick a winner in the Pick-all pool.


-Good Luck!



Updated Sat Sep 16

-Week 2 picks are updated


-James has “bought back in” after blowing all 20,000 points last week! He gets 10,000 points. Players who go below 10,000 points can buy back in before Week 4. Cost is $75 for 10,000 points


-Good Luck!



Updated WED Sept 13

- WELL. That was a shitty week 1 for some players!


-The good news is that we have the “Buy Back In” rule that is new this year. If you drop to 10,000 or less points, you can buy another pool. Cost is $75 and you get 10,000 points instead of 20,000. It’s the cost of failure!


-Week 1 results are updated and Week 2 lines are uploaded.


-Note: I will be at Slick Willies on Wednesday’s this year. It’s just more convenient and closer to home.


-We had a few people drop out this year so the payouts will be a little less but so will the competition. Good luck to everyone!




Updated SUN Sept 10


- Player picks are updated. We have a few less players than in the past this year. A few who said they are playing haven’t sent in their picks yet.


-If anyone still wants to get in, they can up until game time. If 1pm games already started, you still have time to play as long as you pick the later or Monday games.


Good luck and thanks for playing!


Updated Wed Sept 6


It’s that time of year again! 15th Annual Pools!


Same as last year with a couple of changes:


$100 Points Pool with a $50 “Get back in” Option

$50 Champion Jack Pool

$25 Suicide Pool



Points Pool: $100, Payout 60% for 1st, 30% for 2nd, 10% for 3rd

-Each player starts with 20,000 points

-Bet exactly 4 games each week, minimum 500 pts per bet (2,000/week)

-If you have 1,500 points or less, bet all on 1 game.

-Bet points on any Sunday or Monday games

-Thanksgiving: You can bet games this day

-New Rule: You can get a 2nd pool that will cost $50 but you start with 10,000 points. AFTER Week 1, you can get in for $75 to get 10,000 points. You can this 2nd pool the first 3 weeks.


Champion Jack Pool: $50

Payout 60% for 1st, 30% for 2nd, 10% for 3rd

-Pick Each SUNDAY ONLY games (Except week 1 & Thanksgiving)

-Pick each game with the point spreads


Suicide Pool: $25 – Top 2 players win

-Pick 1 team to win each week. Once you pick that team, you cannot play that team again. If your Team loses, you are eliminated.

-If your Team ties, you must pick 2 Teams the next week

-To avoid any confusion, you can only pick Sun or Mon games

-Payouts: Winner takes $500, the balance will go to the last player eliminated. If there are more than 1 player eliminated on the week someone wins, they will continue to play until 1 person wins 2nd place.

-There will be tiebreakers in place if needed.






Additional Rules:


-All picks are due no later than Friday night


-If a Point spread moves more than 5 points after I have posted them, bets will be cancelled and if possible, players who bet this game will have the option to pick another game. If someone spots this, you must let me know before 1pm on Sundays.


-Errors: I sometimes make an error. If you spot an error, please let me know BEFORE the game starts.


-If there are any situations that are not covered by the rules, the other Players will discuss the issue and make the most fair decision.


-Point Spread will be posted each week on Wednesdays, no later than Thursdays. If there is no line from multiple sources, the game cannot be picked in the Points Pool but will be played by the other pools.


-Player picks will be updated to the website each Saturday, no later than Sunday.


-Errors have to be pointed out BEFORE kickoff.




 Square News:



$50 Super Bowl Squares

 coming in December







e-mail your picks to:








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